2022/23 Personal Tax Return Checklist

2022/23 Personal Tax Return Checklist

Following on from last week’s blog with the top reasons why you should complete your tax return before the summer. Read it here if you missed it. Why you should complete your tax return before July | Spring Accountancy (springaccountancyservices.co.uk)

I thought it would be a great help if I provided you with a checklist so that you can download and tick off everything you need so that you can complete your tax return with ease.

It can be confusing knowing what you need to include on your personal tax return.

It isn’t just your business income that needs to be included. If you need to complete a personal tax return for any reason, then you need to include all sources of income that you have received during the period 6 April 2022 to 5 April 2023 on it. 

If you have completed your tax return previously or already attempted this years then you know there is nothing worse than finally getting motivated to do it, sitting down at the computer,

FINALLY logging in to your government gateway and then you are missing some information and you can’t complete it.

So, what do you need to have in advance?

  • Your log in details
  • Your personal references and details
  • Details of any payments on account/ tax payments or refund received relating to this tax year
  • Details of all the source of income that you have received during the tax year, this could be employment income, self-employment income, pension income, dividends, interest, capital gains.
  • Details of pension contributions you have made, gift aid payments and any other expenses that you can include.
  • Information relating to any reliefs you are entitled to.

It all seems a bit much doesn’t it.

To make your life easier I have included a downloadable tax return checklist for 2022/23 so that you can work through it and collate all the information you need to complete you tax return.

Click on this link to get you copy;


It doesn’t matter if you already have an accountant or if you complete the return yourself. This checklist can be used to make sure you have everything you need whether you are sitting down to complete the return yourself or sending it over and becoming their favourite client.

Top Tip

Book an appointment in your diary for within the next month and get the checklist completed.

If you have any tax return questions or need assistance completing yours then do get in touch.

Get ahead, get it done.

Get in touch if you would like support with completing your tax return.

Ask me for my FREE 22/23 Tax Return Checklist

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – 2022/23 Personal Tax Return Checklist.


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