How To Align Your Personal And Business Goals

How To Align Your Personal And Business Goals

Next week is ‘National Work Life Week’ and one of the best ways to create a work life balance is to align your personal and business goals.


Aligning your personal and business goals will increase productivity, profits and employee motivation.

Business goals may not always reflect the personal goals of the employees or the business owner. However, when they do, or individuals at least feel like their work is benefiting them, their productivity and outputs improve.

Owners may argue that staff members are being paid as a benefit but it is well proven that employees’ personal growth and feeling valued goes a long way with motivation and performance.

Setting the business goals in accordance with the owners personal plans and the employee’s personal development will effect the productivity and morale and produce an efficient workforce.  


How do you align your personal and business goals?

Know the mission and vision

The company’s vision is the ultimate goal and purpose behind it’s existence, solving a problem in society.

The company’s mission is the way that the company operates and how it plans to achieve the vision.

When a company has a clear vision and mission for all to understand then this allows owners and employees become part of a team working in the same direction and making the right decisions in accordance with this.

Creating this is the biggest challenge – start by looking at your values and what is important to you both personally and professionally as well as important to the business.

Set SMART goals

SMART goals are easier to achieve as they are simple and broken down, allowing for a more straightforward task allocation and management. They make goals easier to track, set expectations and to see when they are achieved.

SMART goals need to be;

Specific – makes it clear and effective

Measurable – so you can track the progress and know when you have achieved it

Achievable – it needs to be reasonable.

Relevant  – is it in line with the mission and vision?

Timebound – there must be a finish line to work towards.

Focus on the goals

By focusing on the goals rather than using incentives is more likely to change the way the company operates.

Incentives are short term benefits which mean that you establish a culture of coercing employees to finish work and can in time develop into issuing incentives for tasks that should just be the norm. If employees aren’t drive by the rewards then this can impact performance.

Whereas working to goals will establish a hard-working culture improving performance and productivity long term.

Company Culture

Building a company culture in line with the vision and mission is important for the business to have the best chance at success. If there are employees or cultures that don’t align this will always cause friction and have a negative impact on the business.

Coaching current employees that aren’t aligned may help bring them on board with any culture changes.

Once you have established the vision, mission and culture this can be included in the recruitment process to ensure that all future hires will work well with the team and benefit the company.

A business’ goal is usually clear – achieve the vision and make a profit.

Employees personal goals can be different and more complex and need to be tackled on an individual basis in order for the business to succeed. With great leadership, clear communication and a goal-oriented culture any company can accomplish growth and align members with its vision.

Incorporating personal goals for both employees and owners into the business will drive success.

Get ahead, get it done.

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