Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

Mistakes Small Business Owners Make

As a Small business owner, you are juggling everything and there are so many hats to wear, so many things to know, that you are bound to trip up somewhere and drop a ball.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a crystal ball and skip some of those mistakes?

Well, unfortunately I don’t have one of those. Sorry!

Instead, here are 7 of the common mistakes that entrepreneurs make so you can take action and avoid them;

1. Failure to plan

One of the biggest mistakes small business owners make is failing to create a solid business plan.

A business plan is essential for outlining your goals, strategies, and financial projections. It should also include the ideal client avatar, market research and competitor analysis. Without a plan, your business may struggle to gain traction and grow.

2. Underestimating Expenses

Another mistake is underestimating the expenses associated with running a business. Whether this is the day-to-day expenses such as cost of goods and stock, rent and rates or staff costs or the one offs like tax or insurance.

Creating a detailed budget and forecast for your business will mean that you can see what expenses you have coming up and that you have enough cashflow to cover them.

3. Ignoring your cashflow!

Cashflow is critical for small businesses, but so many entrepreneurs neglect it! Not managing your cashflow effectively can lead to cashflow problems.

To avoid this make sure you have a system in place for tracking the income and expenses and when they are due to come in and out. This will highlight any areas where the bank balance is low.

4. Trying to do it all alone

We’ve all been there – trying to do it all on your own because of money or mindset, even feeling like you’ve got something to prove. I’ve been there. While this may work in the beginning, it can lead to burnout and decreased productivity over time. To avoid this mistake, consider outsourcing tasks to professionals or hiring employees to help with various aspects of the business.

5. Failing to adapt

The business landscape is constantly changing and it recent years we have seen this change faster than ever before. As a small business owner if you fail to adapt risk falling behind.
To avoid this can be difficult especially when you are short on time and cash but staying up to date within your industry and being willing to try new things and pivot your business strategy will keep you ahead of the game.

6. Neglecting your marketing

Marketing is essential for the success of any business, but many small business owners neglect it. Whether it is due to a lack of time, resources or knowledge (or all 3!) ignoring your marketing is going to really impact the business’s potential.

You don’t have to doing every single marketing strategy out there, on every social media channel and every networking event, choose one thing to start with and get consistent and then add in more when you can. When you can afford it you can outsource the work to a VA or marketing agency or even employ a marketing manager.

7. Not asking for help

Finally, don’t be scared to ask for help. You won’t be judged (not by any decent professional anyway). Whether it is legal advice, financial planning, business coaching or any other area in your business. Asking for help from an expert in that field can save you a lot of time, money and headaches in the future!

Starting and running a small business is hard!

Taking action to avoid these 7 common mistakes can make your road to success just a bit easier.

Thank you for reading this weeks blog – Mistakes Small Business Owners Make.


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